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[A] Manryuu

Time: 19: 00 - 25:00 Local Yamakasa men's favorite, the Hakata Ninjyou stall. It is one of the oldest stalls in Fukuoka,with a history of 60 years. The 3rd owner, Mr. Susuki, is a veteran Yamakasa enthusiast and a counselor for Nakasu. If you are interested in Yamakasa's story, visit the stall! Homemade the miso with yuzu pepper tastes exquisite. 【Menu】 Miso+Oden+1 cup of Beer, Shochu or sake

[B] Tempura stall, Tenichi

Time: 18: 00-0: 00 Crispy! The stall with freshly fried Tempura is exquisite for grown-ups. If you want to experience the stall like local repeaters, come to the tempura stall.The freshly fried crispy tempura and original sweet sauce are the perfectl match. There are about 15 menus. You can enjoy the delicious seasonal foods like fuki and oyster. 【Menu】 Assortment of 5 kinds of tempura 1 cup of Shochu

[C] Naka Chan

Hours: 19: 00~26: 00 In the center of Tenjin! The stall with a variety of food selections. Near Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) station and Tenjin Bus Center. Good accessibility and the best menu. You are welcome with owner's smile and personality, and will enjoy the friendly communication with tourists and regular customers. "heart-warming Yatai". 【Menu】 (Omelete with spicy cod roe + soft drink 1 cup) or (Omelete with pork+1 cup of beer)

[D] Jounetsu stall Aka-chochin

Hours: 18:30-26:00 Stalls with Okinawa foods! "People come to the stall to get charged-up." Okinawa-food such as pork and egg, stir-fried bitter-melon. It is perfect if you want to try a unique stall with a variety of menus. 【Menu】 Korean Miso Pork + Drinks (except for beer)

[E] Aho Tareeno!

Time: 19:00 - 27:00 A unique menu with 50 selections such as authentic Mexican tacos. A wide variety in cocktail menu is also appealing to ladies. 40 handmade "Jumbo croquettes" are served only on Saturday. They are sold out quickly. 【Menu】 Taco a cup of favorite cocktail

[F] Hakatakko Junjou Stall Kiryu

Time: 19:00 - 27:00 A popular stall where seats are full at the opening time! A lively stall. Staff always welcome you with big smiles. It is loved by local Hakata people. Among grilled dishes, damplings in rice cake wrapprs is a must to eat. 【Menu】 dumpling half+ 2 chef's favorite dishes half + 1/2 ramen+1 cup of alcohol

[G]Pyon Kichi

Time: 19:00 - 27:00 Popular stalls for first-time customers. Easy to drop in. Located in the middle of Tenjin. Standard menu are ramen, bite-size dumplings, spicy cod roe. Korean dishes such as buchimgae and Bara Pokum are also available. Staff are very friendly. If you don't know which stall to visit first, this is it!! 【Menu】 Dumpling, Spicy-cod-roe Dumpling, or Shiso Dumpling a glass of Shochu Cocktail (Lemon · Kabosu citrus · Ume)

[H] Gibier stall Jonetsu no chidori ashi

Time: 18: 00-next 1:00 A stall with Jibie Meat menu! Convenient location near Tenjin Loft! Even beginners can enjoy the food stalls with peace of mind ♪ It is a rare food stall that handles gibier meal. Please enjoy Jibie meat Menu that can only be tasted here! [Menu] General's day Recommended and Draught Beer

[I] Laughing

Hours: 19: 00-26: 00 Irresistable dumpling! Enjoy crispy dumplings! Popular dishes are bite-size dumplings and Tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu ramen is a combination of thin noodles and pork bone soup. Light Taste is perfect after drinking. Dumplings are wrapped after ordering. Crispy skin part called "Hane" is irrestable. 【Menu】 Ramen, dumplings, or simmered Giblets Any 1 cup of Drink

[J] Kawa-chan

Time: 19: 00 - 25:00 Recommended by repeaters! Popular with wide variety in menus! The stall of "Kawa chan," located in the center of Tenjin. The customers come one after another. The fried egg with spicy cod roe and seaweed is a masterpiece. Look for today's recommendation on the blackboard. 【Menu】 Fried egg with spicy cod rod 1 cup of drink except beer

[K] Remi's Handmade French food stand Remisanchi

Time: 18: 30-0: 00 A French food stall that you can easily enjoy! A delicious and reasonably priced French food stall in front of Tenjin Loft, run by Remi Chef of the French izakaya "Mercy Hakata" in Ijiri. Why don't you enjoy exquisite France dishes such as Escargot and Mussels at the lively food stalls on the street corner of France? [Menu] Escargot and Glass Wine (red or white) or Soft Drink

[L] Telas and mico

Time: 18: 45 ~ 00: 00 The shape of a new stall overturning common sense until now Popular international cuisine shops in the Harukichi area of ​​Fukuoka city, stalls handled by Telas and mico (Terrace and Miko). It is a stylish street with standing drinking spaces that overturn common sense of stalls, and you can taste the chef's cuisine waving in the UK. Bruschetta and skewers are nice to choose the type. 【MENU】 Bruschetta half and skewer and 1 wine (red or white) or non alcoholic drink

[M] Nakanaka

Time: 19: 00-next 1:00 Not only Hakata specialties, but also Garlic Oil cooked dish and Tequila that you can enjoy a lot of Menu. Such a stall Nakanakanaka ~. Oxtail It's good to drink! Unique regulars Sandwich Enjoy conversations! (Please follow the rules firmly) Why don't you enjoy the Rice Soup stall in the middle of Tenjin? [Menu] Iron pot Gyoza Dumplings or Giblet Stew or Ramen and craft Draught Beer or your favorite Drink

[N] HEROs stand steaming

Time: 18: 30-0: 00 Inspired by Steamed dishes of the general's hometown, Oita, a new oven stall will be created in 2021 that is fun to look at and delicious to eat! Please enjoy Steamed dishes that can only be tasted by steaming, such as "shumai" of general Recommended, "Chawanmushi Steamed Savory Custard", and "Basket rice" of steamed original. [Menu] Meat dumplings (3 pieces) and Today's small dish and Drink 1 cup (other than Beer)

[O] Tenjin stand Bajon

Hours: 18: 00-23: 00 A new food stall where you can enjoy international cuisine that was oven in August 2021! The Jamaican Jerk Chicken of the general Recommended perfectly reproduces the taste of the local Jamaica. Only here you can enjoy the authentic taste! [Menu] Jamaican Jerk Chicken (half) and Glass Drink